Chris Ryniak

Triple Crown of YoYo Mascot (3rd Place Trophy)


Triple Crown of YoYo Mascot (3rd Place Trophy)

manufacturerChris Ryniak
nameTriple Crown of YoYo Mascot (3rd Place Trophy)
descriptionThe Triple Crown of YoYo mascot was designed by Chris Ryniak and sculpted by Shinbone Creative. The glow in the dark versions are only available to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners of the contest in the various divisions. This is a 3rd place example from the 2014 Triple Crown Contest as evidenced by the bronze paint details. ***Note: For measurements listed below "Diameter" is actually "Height."
diameter175.0 mm. ( 6.89 inches)
width206.0 mm. ( 8.11 inches)
weight 361.5 grams
item number205

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Front View (click to enlarge)

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