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manufacturerCorey Games
descriptionThe Corey Games Glo-Yo is the oldest glow in the dark yoyo known to me. Corey Games, a division of the Quality Paper Box Co. was located in Boston, Massachusetts. I first became aware of this yoyo from an old toy trade advertisement. The two page ad is shown in the photos for this yoyo. The duration of glow on this light weight novelty yoyo is extremely short and is likely a result of its age as well as the materials used in the 1940's. Unfortunately, because my photography skills are lacking and because my camera will not focus quickly enough in low light, I was only able to capture a blurry image. The image is still remarkable because it shows three distinct colors of red, green, and purple in this single glowing plastic yoyo! Finding this yoyo took many years but the hunt continues for other examples as this yoyo was offered in multiple colors.
diameter56.3 mm. ( 2.22 inches)
width34.9 mm. ( 1.37 inches)
weight 17.4 grams
item number227

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