Dyna-Glo (Script Logo)



Dyna-Glo (Script Logo)

nameDyna-Glo (Script Logo)
descriptionPictured is the rare Knibb Dyna-Glo featuring the script Knibb logo. Pale pink coloring on the script logo version also helps to distiguish it from the brighter red plastic found on the non-script version. The Dyna-Glo is believed to be one of the world's first glow in the dark yoyos although the Corey Games Glo-Yo may have beat it to market by as many as 5 years. The rare tent card display packaging reads "Dynamically Powered. The Fastest Spinning Top of All - It Glows... Day or Night..." The advertisment from Playthings trade publication depicts an early version of the Dyna-Glo with script lettering and the word "Disc" instead of "Top".
diameter57.4 mm. ( 2.26 inches)
width32.8 mm. ( 1.29 inches)
weight 43.9 grams
item number211

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