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Ye Jin Ling - Night Elf


Ye Jin Ling - Night Elf

manufacturerShenzhou Toys
nameYe Jin Ling - Night Elf
descriptionThis Glow in the dark yoyo is a very unique offering from Shenzhou Toys and features a very brightly glowing green plastic and ornate packaging. The Night Elf also features chrome plated metal weight rings, pad response and a Concave style bearing.
diameter54.0 mm. ( 2.13 inches)
width39.3 mm. ( 1.55 inches)
weight 66.1 grams
item number68

Glow View (click to enlarge)

Front View (click to enlarge)

Profile View (click to enlarge)

Response View (click to enlarge)

Package View (click to enlarge)

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